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First Christian Church of Greater New Orleans

(Disciples of Christ)







We belong to The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a mainline Protestant denomination.  We are the first American Protestant denomination with roots stemming from the Restoration Movement that began as part of the Second Great Awakening (1790–1840) of the early 19th century.  The pioneers of this movement were seeking to reform the church from within and sought "the unification of all Christians in a single body patterned after the church of the New Testament."  It has been described as the "oldest ecumenical movement in America".


We are unique in our belief that all people are free to interpret scripture within the church community.  This freedom is unique in that we do not dictate to people what they should think concerning the Holy Scriptures.  We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, interpreted by man, and transformed over a lengthy period of time.  It is the story of the personal redemptive activity of God within human history.

Most importantly, we believe in celebrating the Lord's Supper every Sunday.  The Lord's Supper is central to our worship experience.  We are “people of the table.”  We believe in "open table fellowship," All who believe that Jesus is the chosen one, the Christ, are free to partake of communion. 

Communion is done in "remembrance of Him," whereby Christ is made present as we meditate on His ministry, sacrificial death, and resurrection.  We are also unique in that we affirm and accept the baptisms of all people from all denominations.


To learn more about the history of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) click on this link.

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